First step

Today at english class I decided to start writing a blog in english. I hope it makes my english better and it’s something what I would really want.

Actually i’ve got a one more blog, what I write in estonian but I dont like it much, i’m not sure why but I think that starting with this blog is a really good idea.

I’m just gonna write here about my day, thoughts, feelings, problems and achievments. Describe any funny, exciting or unpleasant experiences i’ve had. Maybe I will describe some pople to you. I’m gonna write about things that makes me happy or sad- for instance about:


-dreams and hopes

-songs I like

-books i’ve read

-questions what I would like answers

-things I would like to change

It’s gonna be one blog with many spelling mistakes and stuff but I really do hope it’s gonna help me grow in many ways 🙂


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