Hello everyone! If you’re here then I guess you have some questions about me or about this blog 🙂

Well, i’m 18 years old (young) girl and I live in magical country named Estonia. Many of you even don’t know that country excist I think but some of you may have heard of it and even been here (I hope!). I think i’m not gonna write much about my homeland but maybe I will, we will see 😉

Well about me- i’ve got some hobbies but actually lately I don’t have any time for those because of school and my two jobs. But i’m not gonna complain because I think in the future I can get more free time for all the stuff I want to 🙂 At the moment my biggest priorities in life are school, family and close friends, my cats and job.

I really really like kickboxing and photography, well i’m not afraid to say that I love those things! I love running, I really do! I’ve got some more stuff what I like or love but I got bored and brainfreezed at the moment and you will read about those things in this blog soon, I hope 🙂



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